Our current
long-term clients

Representing Airbus on the market since 2014.

Communication services since 2017.

Communication services since 1995.

Communication services since 2008.

Communication services since 2019.

Communication services since 2012.

Communication services since 2011.

Integrated communication since 2009.

Recruitment and internal communication since 2017.

Complex communication services as of 2018.

Complex communication services since 2009.

Communication services since 2019.

Communication services for the leading electronic labour market operator since 2010.

Full service comms services for the biggest car importer since 1993.

Event management since 2008, PR since 2017.

Communication services for the house Radost in Žižkov since 2019.

Corporate and strategic communication services since 2015.

Corporate periodicals since 2016.

Complex communication services since 1993.

Corporate periodicals since 2011.

Corporate periodicals since 2004.

Communication services since 2004.

Corporate communications services since 2018.

Complex communication services since 1992.

Complex communication services since 1994.

Communication services since 2011.


Look at several projects which we have launched in cooperation with our clients. We are always on the lookout for a creative, innovative and effective way how to get your message across to your target group.

Audi quattro Cup

Golf tournament for Audi

The tradition of a very special Audi golf tournament has been running for more than 25 years in the Czech Republic.

AC&C Public Relations

A Tax on Diesel Fuel

B2B communication for DKV Euro Service

How to boost customers´ loyalty? Convince them that you know their problems, that you stand by them and you are not afraid to fight for them.

AC&C Public Relations

Meal for geeks

HR communication for T-Systems Slovakia

“Do you work in the Czech Republic and miss Slovak cuisine?” This is how our campaign tried to appeal to Slovak IT guys.

AC&C Public Relations

Decent Coffee or how to troll journalists

Corporate communication for LMC

Sometimes it pays off to make the journalists a bit angry. They notice the problem, try personally what it means to be part of it, and then happily write about the whole issue.

AC&C Public Relations

How do you sell Audi A8 at an event

Event marketing for Audi

How to address people who are as busy as can be, who belong among leaders in their rank and who are the potential new customers of the new Audi A8?

AC&C Public Relations

How to switch a journalist into warrior?

Product communication for SEAT

When SEAT Arona was launched, we needed to attract the motor journalists’ attention as much as possible.

AC&C Public Relations

Grandma, don’t let them rip you off!

CSR communication for the Financial Market Guarantee System

Elderly citizens above 60 years of age receive free education in financial literacy in our project. This project has gained positive feedback of the public as well as the interest of the media.

AC&C Public Relations

Olé, Olé!

B2C product communication for SEAT

Communicating operational car leasing for private customers in a way which would force media to cover the topic and the cars sell like hotcakes.

AC&C Public Relations

20 Years of T-Mobile: All Fun

Corporate communication for T-Mobile

We used the client´s anniversary on the market as a pretext to remind people of how our lives have changed over the past 20 years with the mobile phones, doing this in an entertaining way while also taking a look into the future.

AC&C Public Relations

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