How do you sell Audi A8 at an event

Event marketing for Audi

How do you sell Audi A8 at an event

How to address people who are as busy as can be, who belong among leaders in their rank and who are the potential new customers of the new Audi A8? How to make them spend almost three days at the brink of winter in the Czech mountains at something seemingly as trivial as a presentation of a new car? Approach them with an irresistible invitation. Pamper them from invitation up to the feedback after the event – by being exclusive and offering individualised approach thought through to the last detail, tailored to the needs of each one of them.

Sylvie Sekyrová

Account Director


Arrange the launch of the new Audi A8 in the Czech Audi-Home “headquarters” in Špindlerův Mlýn for the top clientele. Introduce the new Audi flagship to select customers in cooperation with the Audi dealer network all around CZ. The aim of the project was to present the new car, approach the wealthy clients such as businessmen, company owners and top managers. Organise a test drive for all of them to allow them to experience emotions with the new car in harsh winter mountain conditions and last but not least the signing of first pre-orders directly at the event.


Emphasizing individual approach and exclusiveness – these were the principles that all of the event strategy was based on. We tried to approach such clients that had on the one hand a great purchasing potential, but on the other hand are very demanding, very busy and have to respond to a number of similar invitations. That is the reason why they do not accept them or just ignore them outright. It was our strategy from the very start to cultivate a feeling of being exceptional and gaining their attention.

How do you sell Audi A8 at an event

A total of 135 customers were pre-selected, arriving from all around the country in three sessions. The whole event was backed up by an agency team consisting of representatives of the agency management, four event managers and a numerous group of hostesses and technicians trained by Audi, together with almost thirty contractors with their own employees. One hundred customers with partners, dozens of test drives around Špindlerův Mlýn, thank-yous on spot and the first orders directly during the course of the event confirm that events based on total exclusiveness, personal approach and contact still do, even in a time of virtual communication, have their place and do bring results. You may find a video about the event at the link attached.


VIP customers


km test drives


Audi A8 test cars


Each customer was personally handed over a printed invitation with a unique code, which allowed them to sign into the invitation system application. There we asked them about their personal preferences and based on this information we tailored their programme. This tailoring went with the clients all through the event – personalized rooms in the premium Savoy hotel, which included everyone’s favourite drink, favourite magazine and the selected chocolate praline flavour… We also tailored the Audi A8 cars before the drive – we set the preferred fragrances, favourite music, selecting the preferred colour of the lighting in the interior, the navigation unit preloaded with the preferred test route. Also the accompanying programme was tailored to everyone’s preferences. Ondra Bank, who is the coach of Ester Ledecká – Olympic winner and also other Audi Ski Team representatives, provided the clients with a lessons of downhill skiing.

How do you sell Audi A8 at an event
How do you sell Audi A8 at an event

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How do you sell Audi A8 at an event

Event marketing for Audi

How to address people who are as busy as can be, who belong among leaders in their rank and who are the potential new customers of the new Audi A8?

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